We welcome people who volunteer their services to JK MAASS Foundation. To help us enroll your name, please give us a brief bio-data specifying clearly the areas of your interest and what you expect us to provide for your volunteering.

Volunteers who are willing to undertake independent assignments can work to their satisfaction in a professional environment.

  • Rural and in-house Voluntary services: - involves contribution in various activities undertaken by us. Rotational work in the following areas: Physiotherapy, Special Education, Vocational Training , Sports Activities, Cultural Activities, Yoga, Counseling to Parents of children with special needs
  • Administration/ office work - involves checking addresses, preparing standard correspondences, checking the office registers, Documentation etc., both with and without computer.
  • Interact with person with disability and their family and prepare case study and Photo/Video documentation
  • Field study - involves preparing questionnaire and conducting interviews with rural public. Objective is to identify the needs of beneficiaries in our target area.
  • History compiling - involves events pertaining to us from inception, focusing on various aspects, such as media reports compilation, growth in various infrastructure and facilities etc.
  • Office routines and system analysis - involves checking office routines and system analysis reports, framing HR policies - higher level of administrative knowledge is required.